APIs, SDK, Webhooks & Data Integrations

The number one issue for data-driven marketing often is around getting data in and out of the customer engagement system. That's why it's important that your system have well documented APIs for ingesting customer data in the form of events or user attributes, as well as APIs for retrieving user information, setting up templates and more.

In addition to APIs, another common data integration requirement is around an SDK that can capture mobile app events, as well as integrations into tag management services like Segment.com, Tealium, Google Tag Manager or Ensighten.

RFP Questions for APIs, Webhooks and Data Integrations

  1. Share the link to your API documentation
  2. Do you offer APIs for importing event data and customer attributes?
  3. Do you offer APIs for creating templates?
  4. Do you offer Webhooks, APIs or data exports for tracking campaign performance at a user level?
  5. Do you offer APIs for recommendations and predictive scores?
  6. Do you offer Webhooks for tracking campaign activity in real-time at a user level?
  7. Can we import CSV files? Describe your interface for importing files.
  8. Please list any supported integrations to tag management and other systems for data ingestion. 
  9. Do you offer mobile SDKs for capturing mobile app behavioral data?

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