Blueshift: APIs, Webhooks & Data Integrations

Blueshift's response to Questions on APIs, Webhooks & Data Integrations in the RFP Guide

Overview: Blueshift offers the most extensive set of APIs for importing & exporting data, as well as to programmatically control various operations. In addition to APIs, Blueshift also offers 1-click integrations with data platforms like tag management systems.

1. Share the link to your API documentation

Find the documentation here: Blueshift API documentation

2. Do you offer APIs for importing event data and customer attributes?

Yes, you can use our Event API for event data. The Event API's "identify" endpoint enables you to send in user attributes into Blueshift.

3. Do you offer APIs for creating templates?

Yes, we offer a template API to get, create, update and test templates.

4. Do you offer webhooks, APIs or data exports for tracking campaign performance at a user level?

We offer detailed user level tracking for campaigns in various forms:

  • Webhooks
  • Daily data exports that can be ingested into your BI system
  • Ad-hoc downloads of campaign reports at a user level from our application dashboard

5. Do you offer APIs for recommendations & predictive scores?

Our user API enables you to retrieve user information, including recommendations and predictive scores.

7. Can we import CSV files? Describe your interface for importing files.

Yes, CSV files can be imported with validation. You can also create new customer attributes through CSV uploads. Here is a sample of our mapping interface for validating and mapping new attributes:


8. Please list any supported integrations to tag management and other systems for data ingestion.

Blueshift has several 3rd party integrations to make it easier to send data into Blueshift. Some of the integrations include:

  1. Google Tag Manager
  3. TealiumIQ
  4. Ensighten
  5. mParticle

9. Do you offer mobile SDKs for capturing mobile app behavioral data?

Yes, we offer a mobile SDK for iOS and Android.