Blueshift: Day-to-Day Campaign Operations

Blueshift's response to Questions on Day-to-Day Campaign Operations in the RFP Guide

Overview: Blueshift offers robust support for large scale campaigns to be deployed rapidly. Our solution also provides multiple QA tools to ensure that campaigns are deployed correctly.

1. What speeds should we expect for deployment? Does dynamic content slow down the mailing deployment time?

Blueshift is built for high volume dynamic content. Specifically, Blueshift has experience with customers who have done batch campaigns of 20M emails with each email containing ~30 dynamic content attributes, where Blueshift was able to execute the campaign in less than 45 minutes.

2. Describe your application's email QA processes/tools for campaigns.

Blueshift offers multiple tools for marketers to QA a campaign:

  • Visual overview of the campaign: Blueshift gives you a full visual preview of each campaign, including a preview of the template, the nature of recommendations used, as well as all the filters at each step.
  • Segment counts: Visual campaign previews also include segment counts.
  • Test Sends with Dynamic Content: You can test-send emails and push notifications to yourself with the dynamic context of a real-user.
  • Seed lists: You can set up a seed list of internal users.

3. For emails, can you preview the inbox before deployment, for various email clients?

Blueshift enables you to do test sends to Litmus with the user context of any user, so that you can preview dynamic content across multiple email clients.

4. For mobile push notifications, can you preview the notification on iOS and Android?

Yes, Blueshift offers push notification previews. For instance, here is a preview of a rich push notification with an image:


5. How long does it take to import large files of customer attributes?

Our default configuration enables 2M rows of user data to be imported within an hour. Premium configurations are available for enterprise customers.