Blueshift: Enterprise Capabilities

Overview: Blueshift is built for Enterprise companies with multiple users and multiple websites or apps. We support multiple user roles and maintain audit trails for every action. If you operate in multiple countries or have multiple apps, you will find our ability to link multiple sub-accounts within Blueshift useful.

1. How do user management, permissions and approvals work in your platform?

You can invite an unlimited number of users within your company to use Blueshift. There are several user roles available in Blueshift for you to manage permissions:

  • Admin: Full access including view user api key and provision users
  • Manager: Everything except view user key and provision users
  • Author: Can only access Creatives section
  • Analyst: View only access

2. Does your system offer support for multiple websites or apps to be linked with 1 account?

Yes, you can add multiple Production and Sandbox domains linked to your account.


3. Does your system maintain an audit trail of every change?

Yes, an audit trail of every action is maintained by the system.


4. Do you provide continuous uptime monitoring?

Yes, at