Blueshift: Metrics & Reporting

Blueshift's response to Questions on Metrics & Reporting in the RFP Guide

Overview: Blueshift includes multiple types of near-real-time reporting that make it easier for marketers to understand and optimize their campaigns. Metrics are available on campaigns and templates.

1. Do you have a unified dashboard for campaigns across all channels?

Yes, campaigns on all channels can be tracked in an intuitive manner on our campaigns screen.


2. Are conversion metrics tracked in addition to opens and clicks? How flexible is the conversion tracking?

Yes, conversion metrics are tracked. Two key features provide a lot of flexibility around conversion tracking:

  • Custom Goal Events: You can treat any of your behavioral events as a "goal event" for conversion
  • Attribution: You can configure attribution settings to determine how conversions are attributed to campaigns (e.g. 7 days and last-click)

3. What kind of deliverability related metrics are available for emails?

Metrics around delivery rate, spam reports and bounces are provided to all customers on the campaign dashboard.

4. Are your dashboards customizable based on each customer’s unique metrics?

Yes, metrics dashboards are customizable in multiple ways:

  • Select the metrics you want to display
  • Create "compound metrics" as ratios of any base metrics
  • Use "custom goal" events to define conversions on your website or app

5. Is your campaign reporting real-time? If not, how much of a time lag is expected in reports?

Unlike other systems that may have up to a day's lag, Blueshift's campaign reporting is near real-time, with a 15 min delay.

6. What kind of reporting is available for multi-step drip series or multi-step cross-channel campaigns?

We offer summary visual reporting overlaid on the drip series config, as well as detailed reported that can be filtered by time.

7. Do you offer link click tracking for emails?

Yes, Blueshift offers click tracking for links in emails, including personalized recommendation links. Here's an example of link click tracking:


8. What kind of attribution models are offered for conversion tracking?

Yes, Blueshift supports multiple attribution models that you can configure. Here's a sample configuration:


9. What reporting is available for mobile app push notifications? Do you track app un-installs?

We report sends, clicks as well as downstream metrics around conversions with attribution. Un-installs are also tracked for each campaign.

10. Do you provide click tracking for SMS campaigns?

Yes, SMS clicks can be tracked using Blueshift's url shortener.