Blueshift: Support & Customer Success

Overview: Blueshift offers strong platform support, training and ongoing assistance, provided by a global team that can support you in any time zone. To ensure your continuing success, we publish best practices and benchmark reports. Premium services around developing email creatives are also available.

1. Do you provide account management support & training? If yes, how do you assign account management teams to customers?

Yes, our customer success teams will work closely with you during on-boarding and training, as well as on an ongoing basis. You can read more in our Implementation Overview documentation.

2. Do you provide detailed documentation? If yes, provide the link to your documentation.

Yes, at

3. Do you offer creative development services?

Yes, we offer services for developing responsive HTML templates, coded with the right personalization variables. Our services team offers multiple options for time-sensitive turnarounds.

4. Do you collect and share client benchmark data with any customers? if yes, by industry/sub-vertical/etc.?

Yes, we periodically publish relevant benchmark reports, for instance this report one on cross-channel triggers

5. What forms of technical support do you provide? Do you have a global presence for support?

We provide multiple forms of technical support, including:

  • Email support: Customers can email [email protected] to get assistance from our dedicated team of support professionals
  • Premium support: Our premium support packages include dedicated customer success professionals, weekly calls, and quarterly business reviews.

We are able to support customers in all time zones through our global presence.