Blueshift: Templates & Creatives

Blueshift's response to Questions on Templates & Creatives in the RFP Guide

Overview: Blueshift offers visual studios for creating and editing creative templates for email, mobile push notifications and website widgets. Email templates can be created using our WYSIWIG tools or through an HTML editor. Several mobile push notification templates come pre-loaded in our SDK and it's possible to configure additional ones through our text or JSON editors.

All templates can be personalized with dynamic content, with logic blocks and filters using the Liquid template language.

1. What support do you offer for mobile responsive email templates?

Marketers can leverage various pieces of functionality for developing mobile responsive email templates with personalization:

  • Pre-built responsive templates: The system comes pre-loaded with many templates that can be edited in a WYSIWIG fashion.
  • HTML editor: Our HTML editor lets you bring in your own templates and validate them.
  • Litmus testing: Blueshift enables you to do test sends to Litmus with the user context of any user, so that you can preview dynamic content across multiple email clients.

2. Does your platform provide a WYSIWYG editor for creating and editing e-mails?

Yes, we offer a drag & drop WYSIWIG template with personalization options. Multiple layouts are supported.


3. Do you support mobile app rich push notifications with images?

Yes, rich push notifications are supported and multiple templates come pre-loaded with our SDK.

4. If you offer an SDK, does the SDK come pre-loaded with push notification templates?

Yes, our SDK offers a variety of rich push notification templates with images. Some of the supported templates include:

  • Rich push notification with image + one or two buttons
  • Dialog box with one or two buttons
  • Animated & non-animated carousel

5. How are creatives personalized? Do you use a template language?

We use the Liquid templating language (an open-source template language created by Shopify) to reference and create personalized content.

6. Can non-technical marketers build personalized creatives in your system?

Yes, we offer options for personalization without editing HTML or other code:

  • Dynamic variables can be selected from a drop down menu
  • Recommendations can be attached with 1 click to emails, mobile push notifications and website live content units

7. Can your system automatically append analytics parameters (e.g. UTM parameters) to each link?

Yes, the system can automatically append UTM parameters, as well as any other custom parameters to each hyperlink. Here's an example of how you could configure these parameters in Blueshift: