Cross-Channel Campaign Execution

Today's marketers need the ability to execute triggered, recurring and one-time campaigns on every channel. They need the ability to visually build workflows based on customer behavior at every step of the customer lifecycle. Equally important is the ability to set message limits at a per customer level to avoid the problem of message overload if a customer triggers multiple workflows. A/B testing and optimization are key to delivering the optimal customer experience.

RFP Questions for Cross-Channel Campaign Execution

  1. Does your solution provide visual journey-mapping across all channels?
  2. What kind of ability do you have to schedule messages?
  3. Please list the different methods of triggering a campaign.  Are you able to trigger automated messaging based on customer actions (e-mail opt-in, changes in preferences, online requests, online, purchases or other actions)?
  4. Do you offer the ability to schedule recurring campaigns in your interface? Can these campaigns be paused and rescheduled if needed?
  5. Describe your capabilities around lifecycle marketing programs.
  6. Are you able to create smart re-targeting campaigns based on the user’s interaction with the email or push message, as well as website and mobile app interactions?
  7. Does your solution offer a fatigue model or message limits per user? Are these limits set at a campaign level or at an account level?
  8. What kind of A/B testing capabilities are included?
  9. Do you offer segment split testing?
  10. Does your solution provide support for day-parting (e.g. limiting triggered messages to go out only on certain days and times)?

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