Cross-Channel Customer Identity

For true cross-channel customer engagement, you need to be able to store the different customer identifiers for each channel in one system that offers a 360-degree view of the customer. The system should be able to maintain customers' opt-in or opt-out status on each channel. It should be able to tie anonymous browsing behavior (e.g. when the customer is browsing, but has not logged in), to the known customer profile. Finally, the system should be able to enhance the identity information with inferred attributes like gender or location.

RFP Questions for Cross-Channel Customer Identity

  1. Does the solution provide a consolidated view of each customer’s identity on different channels: email address, mobile device tokens, phone numbers, addresses and identities on 3rd party ecosystems like Facebook & Display Retargeting?

  2. Does the solution maintain unsubscribe or opt-out information for each channel?

  3. Is the solution capable of identity resolution between known & anonymous user data?

  4. Does the solution automatically append relevant data like location and gender based on raw data like IP address, lat/long or first name?

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