Metrics & Reporting

Cross-Channel campaigns require Cross-Channel measurement and reporting. Gone are the days when it was ok to wait 24 hours or longer to look at metrics. Today's marketer needs real-time dashboards with a detailed view of performance on every channel. The metrics should be customizable to the marketer's needs and should use an attribution model that can be controlled by the marketer.

RFP Questions for Metrics & Reporting

  1. Do you have a unified dashboard for campaigns across all channels?
  2. Are conversion metrics tracked in addition to opens and clicks? How flexible is the conversion tracking?
  3. What kind of deliverability related metrics are available for emails?
  4. Are your dashboards customizable based on each customer’s unique metrics?
  5. Is your campaign reporting real-time? If not, how much of a time lag is expected in reports?
  6. What kind of reporting is available for multi-step drip-series or multi-step cross-channel campaigns?
  7. Describe how A/B tests are analyzed. Do you calculate statistical significance?
  8. Do you offer link click tracking for emails?
  9. What kind of attribution models are offered for conversion tracking?
  10. What reporting is available for mobile app push notifications? Do you track app un-installs?
  11. Do you provide click tracking for SMS campaigns?

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