The 100 Questions That Matter

Modern marketing organizations must invest in technology solutions whose vision and capabilities are aligned with today’s needs. To assist with this, we have organized the various capabilities you need to evaluate into the following categories, with an extensive list of 100 questions organized into the following sections:

  1. Cross-channel customer identity
  2. Customer segmentation
  3. Personalization & Dynamic content
  4. AI & 1:1 Recommendations
  5. Cross-channel campaign execution
  6. Day-to-Day Campaign Operations
  7. Metrics & Reporting
  8. Data Management
  9. APIs, SDK, Webhooks & Data Integrations
  10. Templates & Creatives
  11. Support & Customer Success
  12. Data Privacy & Security
  13. Enterprise Capabilities
  14. Company Overview

Updated 4 years ago

The 100 Questions That Matter

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