v1 - Templates & Creatives

Customer engagement marketers have to constantly experiment with new templates to drive superior conversions on channels like email and mobile. It's important that the platform you select makes it easy to create, validate and launch templates that reflect your brand and deliver a personalized experience.

RFP Questions for Templates and Creatives

  1. What support do you offer for mobile responsive email templates?
  2. Does your platform provide a WYSIWYG editor for creating and editing e-mails?
  3. Do you support mobile app rich push notifications with images?
  4. If you offer an SDK, does the SDK come pre-loaded with push notification templates?
  5. How are creatives personalized? Do you use a template language?
  6. Can non-technical marketers build personalized creatives in your system?
  7. Can your system automatically append analytics parameters (e.g. UTM parameters) to each link?

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