Introduction: Cross Channel Campaign Management

We’re living in an always-on world with smartphone users checking their devices 96 times a day. And when you win your customers’ attention, they expect personalization and get frustrated when brands fail to deliver this. Earning and sustaining customers’ attention when there are so many online distractions throughout the day, is extremely hard.

There are many different ways to connect with customers today. They’re using social media and the metaverse to discover new brands, and they’re being introduced to new products by influencers, review sites, and your own advertising on social media. They’re also making purchases digitally via social media, aggregator sites, mobile apps, SMS, and more – in addition to physical locations.

Focusing marketing efforts on one or two channels, like email and social media, isn't enough. Your customers are anywhere and everywhere – and they expect your brand to be present and accessible in all these places.

As a marketer, your role is to nail the ideal message across every channel for each customer to stand out in a loud, crowded market. This was close to impossible a year ago, but with customer engagement platforms becoming even more powerful with marketer-accessible AI, marketers can identify the right audience and send the best message across every channel in real time. AI makes it easier, faster, and more efficient to gain business results and take a cross-channel approach.

Modern marketing organizations must invest in technology solutions whose vision and capabilities are aligned with today’s needs. To assist with this, we have organized the various capabilities you need to evaluate, with an extensive RFP list of questions.

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