Mid to large-sized enterprises have additional complexity in managing their email and cross-channel customer engagement programs. The platform you select needs to offer role-based permissions, the ability to links multiple websites and apps, maintain audit trails and provide continuous monitoring.

RFP Questions for Platform

Data Management

  1. How is customer data stored and protected?

  2. How does your solution keep data? What is the policy regarding retention of data beyond this limit?

  3. Describe how your solution manages subscription and communications preferences?

  4. How can your platform data be transferred and exported back to our internal systems (i.e., data warehouse, BI/analytics tools, etc.)?

  5. Can your solution handle transactional data (i.e., orders) and model the various transactional states (i.e., purchase, delivered, completed, canceled, etc.) of a transaction? Can your solution handle and distinguish multiple transactions (i.e., orders) for a given customer to ensure that the right message and communication is sent to the right customer?


  1. Does your solution support rapid and seamless integration through existing connectors to other vendors' products? Describe your library of off-the-shelf integrations.

  2. Does your solution integrate with e-commerce systems?

  3. Do you provide Mobile APIs or SDKs for Android and iOS?

  4. Does your solution offer support for multiple websites or apps to be linked within a single account?


  1. Describe how your solution offers the flexibility, customizability, and scalability to support current and future business needs and volume.

  2. Describe how your solution is extensible to new channels, systems, and data sources as our needs and tech partners evolve.

  3. Describe the reliability of your platform and your down-time. Do you provide continuous uptime monitoring? Please provide reporting.

  4. Describe how your solution processes large volumes of data and campaign workloads without interference or latency.

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