In this section we will cover Blueshift's responses to the 100 questions in the Email & Cross-Channel Automation RFP Guide.

Overview: Key differentiators of Blueshuft solution are:

  • Behavioral Segmentation at scale: Segments that update dynamically based on a real-time stream of customer interactions
  • Predictive Segmentation: Machine learning based scores for user affinities and propensities
  • Product & content recommendations: Build multiple recommendation schemes for merchandising products, categories and content
  • Full-funnel measurement with attribution: Go beyond opens, clicks, and track custom conversion goals with customizable attribution.
  • Visual campaign builder: Build multi-touch campaigns with a simple visual interface
  • Cross-channel orchestration: Orchestrate cross-channel campaigns between email, mobile app notifications, SMS, website, Facebook retargeting and more.
  • Testing & Optimization: Leverage advanced testing capabilities including statistical significance measures.
  • Best-in-class deliverability on each channel: Scalable deliverability infrastructure and services.

Read the in-depth answers to the 100 questions in the following sections:

  1. Blueshift: Cross-Channel Customer Identity
  2. Blueshift: Customer Segmentation
  3. Blueshift: Personalization & Dynamic Content
  4. Blueshift: AI & 1:1 Recommendations
  5. Blueshift: Cross-Channel Campaign Execution
  6. Blueshift: Day-to-Day Campaign Operations
  7. Blueshift: Metrics & Reporting
  8. Blueshift: Data Management
  9. Blueshift: APIs, Webhooks & Data Integrations
  10. Blueshift: Templates & Creatives
  11. Blueshift: Support & Customer Success
  12. Blueshift: Data Privacy & Security
  13. Blueshift: Enterprise Capabilities
  14. Blueshift: Company Overview