In today's digital and mobile world, customers are constantly interacting with your brand. The notion of static or semi-static customer segments is obsolete and marketers must embrace segments that update in real-time, with every action that customers take on your website or app. In order to be useful for Cross-Channel customer engagement, the segments need to be integrated with Cross-Channel Identity and should be actionable on every channel.

The most important types of segmentation today revolve around customer behavior and predictive attributes. Legacy systems are unable to offer the granular time-based segmentation on customer behavior or to synthesize the wealth of behavioral information into predictive scores for segmentation.

RFP Questions for Segmentation


  1. Does your solution have a visual interface in which marketers can create and manage segments without technical knowledge?

  2. Does your solution have the ability to create advanced segments based on multiple conditions and dimensions of data, including real-time behaviors, user preferences, events, previous messaging engagement, transactions, demographics, location, and user attributes? Is there a limit to the number of criteria that can be used simultaneously to define a segment?

  3. Do segments update automatically as new data comes in or is updated? How often are segments updated?

  4. Can segments created in your system be used to target communications across all channels (i.e. email, mobile, web, in-app, digital, print, etc.)?

  5. While building a segment, can you see segment counts for each channel? Do segment counts update in real-time?

AI/Predictive Intelligence

  1. Does your solution offer predictive scoring for customer actions? What scores are available, i.e. buying propensity, user engagement, and affinities? Are scores out-of-the-box and/or customizable?

  2. Can predictive scores be used for dynamic segmentation and to automatically trigger communications based on a user's score?

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