Data Management

Your business is unique and so is the way you view data. Often, customer engagement platforms enforce rigid schemas and limits on number of attributes, that makes it hard to work with the data you want to use. That's why it's critical to understand the platform's flexibility with data.

RFP Questions for APIs, Webhooks & Data integrations

  1. How flexible is your data schema? Do we need to perform any schema mapping before loading data into your system?
  2. What historical data can we import into your system?
  3. What are your data storage limitations? Do you charge for data storage?
  4. What are the maximum number of attributes / variables we can store on a reader?
  5. How is data stored and who has access to it? Do you share data across your customer base?
  6. Are there limitations to how far back we can access and use our subscriber data for email marketing campaigns?

Blueshift: Read Blueshift's responses to these questions