Message Creation

Customer engagement marketers have to constantly experiment with new templates to drive superior conversions on channels like email and mobile. It's important that the platform you select makes it easy to create, validate and launch templates that reflect your brand and deliver a personalized experience.

RFP Questions for Message Creation

Creative Studio

  1. Does your solution provide a visual template editor for non-technical marketers to use? If yes, for which channels?

  2. Does your platform offer a variety of customizable message templates to choose from? Can users easily customize these templates to their brand guidelines?

  3. Does your solution support deep linking?

  4. Does your solution allow us to edit the HTML of the message? Does the HTML coding tool support scripting or easy insertion of dynamic content?

  5. Does your solution provide the ability to create or edit customized and mobile-optimized email templates without needing to know HTML or CSS?

  6. Does your solution allow templates to be reused? Do you provide the ability to reuse snippets of code across multiple email templates?

Creative Preview

  1. Does your solution have a live preview while editing? Can you view personalization previews for different types of users? Can you preview an email across all inbox types and mobile devices?

  2. Can your solution send test emails and mobile messages to specific people or groups of people before a live send?

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