Blueshift: Services

Blueshift's response to Questions on Services in the RFP Guide

Overview: Blueshift offers strong platform support, training and ongoing assistance, provided by a global team that can support you in any time zone. To ensure your continuing success, we publish best practices and benchmark reports. Premium services around developing email creatives are also available.

Blueshift's Responses to Questions on Services


1. Describe your implementation process and the resources to expedite onboarding and time to value. What's the typical timeline?

The Blueshift Customer Success team is fully committed to getting our customers live on our platform and realizing value as quickly as possible. Blueshift’s approach to onboarding relies on working with our customers on a timely setup of necessary account details and data integrations. This typically lasts between 6-8 weeks. We conduct the onboarding in stages for maximum time to value. The Customer Success team guides each customer during the onboarding implementation in the following areas: 
・Data Migration - Behavioral data, CRM / subscriber import, historical data and content/catalog setup integrations
・Channel Setup - Email (Assign IP/Domain, IP Warming, White label), Push (Mobile SDK integration) and SMS
・Content personalization - Assist with uploading or creating personalized templates, and inserting dynamic personalization within templates
・Campaign setup - Testing and launching of an initial set of campaigns
・Training - Deep dive end-user training on the Blueshift’s marketing platform.

Key Blueshift team members during the onboarding implementation include: 
・Executive Sponsor (point of contact for escalations) 
・Sr. Implementation Manager (key contact for ensuring data integration and integrity during the onboarding phase) 
・Customer Success Manager (key point of contact for the length of the entire relationship, leads weekly calls and quarterly business reviews) 

In addition to Blueshift’s key team members, you will have access to our entire support team, reachable via email: [email protected]. Issues that may impact the timeline may include but are not limited to change in scope, IP warmup, and the availability of customer resources.


2. Does your team provide dedicated account management? What are the varying levels of support?

Yes, at Blueshift, customer success is our top priority and we assign a dedicated Customer Success Manager to each customer, along with other supporting resources for onboarding, training, support and strategic planning/review. Blueshift has dedicated Customer Success team members in the US, UK, and India, which allows for support across time zones.

Blueshift offers three different support packages out of the box. Additional information on our support packages:

3. Describe what dedicated product training and self-learning resources are available.

Training is an important component of our service and we want to ensure our customers are up to date on our product, including new features. The following are available:

・Basic and custom training during the onboarding/implementation process can be performed onsite, if needed
・Ongoing training with your dedicated Customer Success Manager
・Monthly product, best practices newsletters

Our customers are also eligible to become certified on the Blueshift platform via our SaaS online, self service learning platform, Blueshift Academy. Additional information on our Blueshift Academy online training:


4. Do you offer 24/7 customer support? Do you have global presence for support? What support levels are included and what are the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for technical support?

Yes, Blueshift has dedicated Customer Support team members in the US, UK, and India, which allows for support across time zones. Our enterprise support package includes 24/7 support for P1 issues, and 24/5 support for all others issues. Customer Support teams can be engaged via phone/chat/email for 24/5 support. In addition to phone/chat/email, standard support and trouble ticketing submission can be done directly via the Blueshift UI. The ticket will be submitted to our centralized ticketing portal via Zendesk. You will be able to log and track individual and team tickets/status. Blueshift offers three different support packages out of the box. Additional information on our support packages: Our team will work with you to select the package that works best for you.

We provide business level service objectives for issues based on priority, which can be found in our standard SLA. We can discuss your business requirements for any SLA commitments that you may require and we will be happy to discuss amending the SLA to include specific language for your unique needs. Per your request, we can provide a copy of our standard SLA.