Blueshift: Message Creation

Blueshift's response to Questions on Message Creation in the RFP Guide

Overview: Blueshift offers visual studios for creating and editing creative templates for email, mobile push notifications and website widgets. Email templates can be created using our WYSIWIG tools or through an HTML editor. Several mobile push notification templates come pre-loaded in our SDK and it's possible to configure additional ones through our text or JSON editors.

All templates can be personalized with dynamic content, with logic blocks and filters using the Liquid template language.

Blueshift's Responses to Questions on Message Creation

Creative Studio

1. Does your solution provide a visual template editor for non-technical marketers to use? If yes, for which channels?

Yes, Blueshift provides visual template editors for email, sms, push, in-app, and live content (web personalization) so that non-technical marketers can quickly create and customize on their brand and business guidelines and preview and test it. Blueshift offers a visual, marketer-friendly, WYSIWIG template builder that supports both basic HTML and CSS to easily create and modify templates. Standard templates can be used as starting blocks to create templates specific to your branding and business requirements, and can then be saved, cloned, and reused for use in any campaign. Marketers can also apply user attributes/variables to make messages personalized and engaging to each user and ensure messages are consistent across channels. Additional information on our visual template editors:

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・[Live Content] (

2. Does your platform offer a variety of customizable message templates to choose from? Can users easily customize these templates to their brand guidelines?

Yes, Blueshift offers a variety of templates out-of-the-box for marketers to use across channels. Marketers can start with the template as a base and add visual components on top of it quickly to suit their brand guidelines i.e. drag and drop images, add texts etc. Within a few clicks, marketers can create, customize, preview, and test the content that will be presented to users

3. Does your solution support deep linking?

Yes, Blueshift natively supports deep linking. Blueshift’s Deep Links (universal links on iOS and app links on Android) provide the ability to point customers to the optimal destination inside a mobile app on any OS, whether it is iOS or Android, to ensure a smooth end-to-end experience for the customer. You can create seamless channel-to-app experiences using this feature. For example, you can send a Blueshift deep link in an SMS or an email. When a customer clicks on the link, iOS or Android can launch your app and open the app's page that is mapped to the link. Blueshift has also integrated with the leading deep linking solution, Branch.IO to provide deep linking functionality for our customers.

[Additional information on our native deep linking support] (
[Additional information on our Branch.IO deep linking integration] (

4. Does your solution allow us to edit the HTML of the message? Does the HTML coding tool support scripting or easy insertion of dynamic content?

Yes, Blueshift offers a HTML email editor, where you can directly copy and paste your HTML code. In terms of reusability, any templates can be saved, cloned, and reused for use in any campaign. Blueshift also leverages the Liquid dynamic template language that was invented by Shopify to insert dynamic content into templates. Liquid is a powerful personalization language that is supported by a large user community that can be used to insert dynamic text, images, product recommendations, and other content to create truly personalized 1:1 message for each customer.

5. Does your solution provide the ability to create or edit customized and mobile-optimized email templates without needing to know HTML or CSS?

Yes, Blueshift provides a set of 150+ prebuilt, mobile responsive templates within our visual, WYSIWIG email builder as a starting point. These templates can be customized and edited without needing to know HTML or CSS using our drag-and-drop email builder. If needed, marketers can use the WYSIWIG email builder to build new, reusable templates from scratch with quick turn-around if the prebuilt templates do not meet your specific needs and requirements.

6. Does your solution allow templates to be reused? Do you provide the ability to reuse snippets of code across multiple email templates?

Yes, any message template can be saved, cloned, and reused for use in any campaign. To further streamline the campaign creation process, Blueshift provides the ability to have shared assets, which provides a convenient way to reuse snippets of code across multiple email templates. Shared assets is a powerful feature that marketers can use to easily apply consistent content (i.e., footer, header, recommendations, images, etc.) within message templates. Marketers can also easily make changes across all the message templates where the same shared assets are applied with one quick source edit. Our customers that have used our shared assets capability have significantly streamlined, simplified, and improved the email template creation process by making these changes once within a shared asset rather than the need to make the changes in every single email template.

[Additional information on how shared assets can be used within the Blueshift platform] (

Creative Preview

7. Does your solution have a live preview while editing? Can you view personalization previews for different types of users? Can you preview an email across all inbox types and mobile devices?

Yes, Blueshift provides various ways to preview and QA creatives and message templates. For example, while editing in Blueshift's creative studio, marketers can live preview & QA each campaign email or mobile template in various formats (mobile, desktop, etc.) prior to and preparation for sending.

Also, Inbox Previews (powered by Email on Acid) are integrated into Blueshift's email studio, so that you can preview dynamic content across multiple email clients.

8. Can your solution send test emails and mobile messages to specific people or groups of people before a live send?

Yes, Blueshift allows marketers to send individual test messages or send to a seed list for QA and review before a live send. A seed list allows a marketer to upload a list of users (i.e., internal users, legal team, etc.), and subsequently receive a copy of a message to each user in the seed list. The email will reflect the content sent to the first user in the campaign.

[Additional information on how to setup a seed list within Blueshift] (