Customer Profile Management

Your business is unique and so is the way you view data. Often, customer engagement platforms enforce rigid schemas and limits on number of attributes, that makes it hard to work with the data you want to use. That's why it's critical to understand the platform's flexibility with data.

For true cross-channel customer engagement, you need to be able to store the different customer identifiers for each channel in one system that offers a 360-degree view of the customer and be able to maintain customers' opt-in or opt-out status on each channel. It should be able to tie anonymous browsing behavior (e.g. when the customer is browsing, but has not logged in), to the known customer profile.

Finally, this data should be accessible in real-time by systems within your martech stack.

RFP Questions for Profile Management

Data Ingestion

  1. Does your solution ingest user attribute, event, interaction, and transactional data from any channel (online or offline), device, or internal system that collects customer data throughout the customer lifecycle?

  2. What data types and formats does the solution support? Can your solution handle structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data using schema-less ingestion? Describe the methods through which your solution ingests data.

  3. Can your solution automatically add, modify, and classify data fields? Describe your ability to define custom data fields and values. What is the limit on data fields and custom events or attributes?

Profile Unification

  1. Does your solution connect and resolve identity, event, and attribute data from multiple touchpoints, devices and channels into unified customer profiles?

  2. Is your solution capable of identity resolution between known and anonymous user data?

  3. Does your solution dedupe users?

  4. Does your solution maintain unsubscribe or opt-out information for each channel?

Data Access

  1. Can data from unified customer profiles be accessed in real-time by external and internal systems via API connections, Webhooks, or query?

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