Campaign Automation

Today's marketers need the ability to execute triggered, recurring and one-time campaigns on every channel. They need the ability to visually build workflows based on customer behavior at every step of the customer lifecycle. Equally important is the ability to set message limits at a per customer level to avoid the problem of message overload if a customer triggers multiple workflows.

RFP Questions for Campaign Automation

Campaign Orchestration

  1. Does your solution provide visual customer journey mapping to orchestrate multi-stage, multi-logic sequence of messages that execute across channels?

  2. Can your solution trigger messages across multiple channels simultaneously from one journey, including across email, mobile, web, in-app, push, messaging, customer support, and offline channels?

  3. Can journeys dynamically adapt subsequent messages in response to customer interactions, including interactions on other channels?

  4. Can your workflow trigger a webhook or an API call to another solution? Describe how that is done.

Campaign Management

  1. Describe your solutions abilities to schedule messages and recurring campaigns. Can campaigns be paused, rescheduled, and/or modified?

  2. Does your solution enable frequency capping? Can you limit the total number of communications sent globally and/or by user in a certain timeframe?

  3. Does your solution provide support for day-parting (i.e. limiting triggered messages to go out only on certain days and times)?

  4. Does your solution allow you to set priority levels at the campaign level and at the message level?

  5. Does your solution provide a calendar view of all past and future campaigns?

Triggered Automations

  1. Describe what rules and triggers exist to automate lifecycle and transactional campaigns within the campaign workflow.

  2. Describe your solution's abilities to trigger responses and communications across channels based on user behaviors, events, states, and other defined criteria as well as changes in product data, status, and pricing.

  3. Can your solution trigger a response to buyer behavior in real time, not just based on the campaign schedule?

  4. Can your solution trigger campaign workflows from a specific event? Can you trigger from a specific property in an event?

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